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Monday, May 18, 2009

Code: 034 - Four Secrets to Liking Your Work - Edward G. Muzio, Deborah J. Fisher, Erv Thomas

Code: 034 (USED)
Title: Four Secrets to Liking Your Work
Total of pages: 176 pages
"I wish I had this book when I started teaching! It's a must-read for anybody who works. The simple, organized, and realistic exercises gave me new perspective about who I am, and helped me learn to better enjoy what I do."
--Krystal Wood, Elementary School Educator "Proactive and empowering! How I wish I had Four Secrets to Liking Your Work during the times my work as a Pastor was not only frustrating, but also depleting me emotionally and spiritually! The book is full of practical tools and approaches that help reverse the downward spiral that we face when we're unhappy at work. It puts the control back in our own hands, and helps us to create work lives that are happier and even emotionally and spiritually enriching. I strongly recommend Four Secrets to Liking Your Work to anyone who is experiencing difficulty in his or her work life."
--The Rev. Dr. Paul Debenport, Senior Pastor, and Head of Staff, First Presbyterian Church of Albuquerque "A must read! With a hands-on approach and actual homework activities, it will change your whole outlook and give you the fresh start you need.The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a train, but the bright future of a renewed and refreshed perspective. " --Robert H. Mallory, Accredited Green Building Professional, Southwest Noise Control, LLC "There are many guides to finding the right job out there, but few others teach us to make the most of our current situation. The understanding of self and others taught in this book will help people to be at their most constructive, whether they are working at home or in a more traditional environment."
--Anne Laird, Homemaker & Small Business Owner "Helped me understand what drives me and, more importantly, what drives the people I love and work with. This book will help anyone communicate more effectively, improve relationships, and reduce the pain they feel at work." --Joseph Rodman, Director of Training and Education, Jaynes Construction "Working with others is unavoidable; this book gives you a deeper understanding of what makes them tick. It's a concise, easy read that will improve your personal and professional life."
--Dr. Donald E. Conklin, Vice President, United Corporate Services, Inc., and Adjunct Professor, Dominican College MBA Program "Life is too short to not enjoy what you do!This book is a gem, filled with practical, simple, and direct advice for of untangling the twisted nets of communication failures. It is as valuable to an employer trying to maintain high-functioning teams as it is to an employee who is feeling dissatisfied."
--R.A. Bobbi Hayes, CPA, Partner, Accounting & Consulting Group, LLP "By internalizing the mind-expanding principles presented in Four Secrets to Liking Your Work, I am now enjoying my work on a much deeper level. Many times when I thought my coworkers simply 'weren't getting it,' it was actually I who wasn't getting it! There is no empty feel-good rhetoric here--this book distinguishes itself from pop self-improvement books by focusing on breaking through barriers with disciplined action instead of just giving you a pep talk. It provides the missing tools everybody needs."
--Jim Foster, Vice President, Staffing and Human Capital "Liking your work is one of the greatest blessings in life, and these authors know all about how to find or create that blessing. Those who follow this book's advice will see lights turn on wherever they are in the world of work. Leaders, listen up!This book is not just about you, but about everyone you work with. HR, listen up! This book will help with on-boarding AND with retention."
--William R. Daniels, CEO, American Consulting & Training, and Author, Breakthrough Performance and Change-Able Organization "In a globalized world, this book provides analytical tools and approaches for honoring differences in the workplace."
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